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GST Forms

The following returns (forms) for filing of goods and services tax (GST) are not available for downloading:

  • GST F5 return for periodic filing of GST
  • GST F7 return for disclosing errors on GST returns filed previously
  • GST F8 return for final filing of GST

You may access the GST F5, F7 and F8 returns online via myTax Portal if they are due for filing. In addition, you may log in to myTax Portal to request for a GST F7 return online.

The following forms for goods and services tax (GST) are available for downloading:



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GST registration/ de-registration


Application for GST Registration online via myTax Portal or paper form

Online form via myTax Portal
Please submit the Document Checklist according to your type of business:

(i) Documentation Checklist - Company and Others (76 KB) or Documentation Checklist - Company & Others (174 KB)

(ii) Documentation Checklist - Partnership, LP & JV (110 KB) or Documentation Checklist - Partnership, LP & JV (166 KB)

(iii) Documentation Checklist - Sole-proprietor (171 KB) or  Documentation Checklist - Sole-proprietor (171 KB) 

Paper form

Please submit the application form according to your type of business:

(i) Company and Others: GST F1- Application for GST Registration (420 KB) or Company and Others: GST F1- Application for GST Registration (305 KB)

(ii) Partnership, LP & JV: GST F1- Application for GST Registration (442 KB) or Partnership, LP & JV: GST F1- Application for GST Registration (294 KB)

(iii) Sole-proprietor: GST F1 - Application for GST Registration (399 KB) or Sole-proprietor: GST F1 - Application for GST Registration (300KB)

For voluntary registration, a director of the company/sole-proprietor/trustee/partner (at least 1 partner) has to complete the e-Learning course “GST-Before I Register” and its quiz before submitting the registration form (paper/ online). Your particulars (business name, business reference number, your name and designation) will be requested for submission to IRAS at the end of the course.

Dec 2013

1b Notification of Liability to be GST-Registered: Details of All Partnerships and Partners  GST F3 (57 KB)  or GST F3 (63 KB)

Dec 2013  

1c Application for Exemption from GST Registration
GST F2  (84 KB) or GST F2
 (101 KB)

 Dec 2013  

1d Application for Cancellation of GST Registration
Online form via myTax Portal; or
Paper form GST F9 (206KB) 

Feb 2009  

1e Application for Group Registration
GST G1 (280KB) 

June 2013  

1f Application for Inclusion/Removal of member to/from the GST Group
GST G2 (204KB) 

June 2013

1g Application for Deregistration of Group
GST G3 (153KB) 

June 2013  

1h Application for Change of Group Representative Member
GST G4 (463KB) 

May 2008  

1i Application for Divisional Registration
GST F11 (170KB) 

June 2013  

1j Application for Inclusion/ Removal of Division to/ from existing Divisional Registration / Deregistration of Divisional Registration
GST F12 (198KB) 

June 2013  


GST schemes

2a Application for Major Exporter Scheme (MES)
Paper form GST F10 (114KB) 

Jan 2013  

2b MES/ 3PL/ Approved Schemes: Declaration of Agents
Online form via myTax Portal
Paper form GST A1 (132KB) 

Feb 2009 

2c Application for Approved Contract Manufacturer and Trader (ACMT) Scheme as an Approved Contract Manufacturer (ACMT CM) - GST F14A (189KB)

Appendix 1 to GST F14A : ACMT CM Pre-application Checklist (117KB)

Application for Approved Contract Manufacturer and Trader (ACMT) Scheme as an Approved Logistics Company (ACMT LOG) - GST F14B (182KB) 

Sep 2011  

2d Application for Approved Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company Scheme
GST F15 (230KB)

Jan 2009

2e Application for Approved Marine Fuel Traders Scheme
GST F16 (210KB) 

Sep 2013

2f Application for Exemption from Hand-Carried Exports Scheme
GST F17 (71KB) 

Mar 2009

2g Application for Approved Import GST Suspension Scheme (AISS)
GST F21 (192KB) 

Jan 2013

2h Application for Import GST Deferment Scheme (IGDS)
GST F22 (158KB) 

Jan 2013

2i Application for Approved Marine Customer Scheme (AMCS)
GST F25 (55KB)

Jan 2013

2j Application for Specialised Warehouse Scheme (SWS)
GST F26 (226KB)

Mar 2014

2k Application for Approved Refiner and Consolidator Scheme (ARCS) as an Approved Consolidator - GST F27A (222KB)

Sep 2012

2l Application for Approved Refiner and Consolidator Scheme (ARCS) as an Approved Refiner - GST F27B (207KB)

Sep 2012



3a Self-Review of Eligibility and Declaration on Use of Gross Margin Scheme (GMS) (187KB)

Dec 2007

3b Self-Review of Eligibility and Declaration on Use of Self Billing (100KB)

Dec 2005

3c Self-review of Eligibility to Claim Bad Debt Relief (217KB) 

Nov 2011

3d Pre-registration GST: Checklist for Self Review of Eligibility of Claim (188KB)

Nov 2012

3e Self-Review and Declaration on the Change of Agent and Transfer of Goods under Section 33(2) of the GST Act (141KB) 

Nov 2013



4a GIRO Application Form for GST 

Apr 2012

4b Application for GST Advance Ruling
GST F19 (120KB) 

 Mar 2014

4c Notification of Changes in Business Details (162KB) 

Oct 2013

4d Request For Access To myTax Portal Of Liquidated/Bankrupt Person (49KB)

Nov 2004

4e Request for EASY Access Code by Tax Agent on behalf of Client (31KB)

Oct 2005

4f Application for Remission under S89 of the GST Act for Refund of Import GST Paid on Behalf of an Importer
GST F18 (92KB)

Mar 2009

4g Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK): Declaration Form on Completing Annual Review and Voluntary Disclosure of Errors (55KB)

  Apr 2013   

4h Request for Relief of GST on Goods or Services supplied prior to supplier's GST registration date (39KB)

Dec 2010


GST Computation Templates for Motor Trade Industry  
Sale of new vehicles  (30KB)    
Sale of used vehicles  (28KB)   
Sale of vehicle bodies  (25KB)

Feb 2011

4j Notification of Participation of GST Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP)
GST F23 (313KB)

Jan 2014

4k Claim for Co-funding of GST Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP)
GST F24 (62KB)

Aug 2013

4l Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP) Annual Review Declaration
GST F28 (107KB)  

Jun 2014

4m Tourist GST Refund Guide (2.37MB)

Nov 2012

4n For Accounting Software Developers
Accounting Software Register Application Form GST F20 (117KB)
Appointment of Local Agent (28KB)

Nov 2012

Dec 2008

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