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The particulars and requirements of Form C change from year to year. Please use the Form C of the respective YA to report your income.

To download Form C and Appendices, please click on the relevant YA below:

Explanatory Notes to Form C:

Please submit the Form C by the filing due date to avoid enforcement actions such as composition or summons issued to the company. 

If your company was dormant and had previously been granted a waiver to submit Income Tax Return, but has now re-commenced business or is now in receipt of income, please complete and submit the Request for Income Tax Return Form (51KB) by post or by fax at 6351 4360.

To request the Form C for earlier YAs, please call us at 6356 7012 or email us at

Document Identification Number (DIN)

DIN is a unique number code that is generated by IRAS to identify each Income Tax Return (Form C/ Form C-S) issued.

DIN is to be entered in the DIN worksheet of the Form C which you have downloaded. When you enter the DIN, it will be automatically populated on page 1 of the Form C.

You can obtain DIN from the:

  • "View DIN" e-Service; or
  • Bottom right hand corner on Page 1 of the original Form C* sent to your company.

If DIN is not available, please email us at

* If the company does not meet the conditions for filing Form C-S, you can download the Form C. The DIN is the same whether you use Form C or Form C-S.

Basic Tax Calculator

The Basic Corporate Tax Calculator is designed for trading companies and it comes with commonly used schedules such as the capital allowance schedule. You can use it to prepare your company’s tax computation and work out the tax payable, before you complete Form C. Please print and submit your tax computation and supporting schedules with your Form C.

Last Updated on 17 April 2014

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