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Tax reliefs are given as standard deductions against your assessable income.  Such reliefs are given only to tax resident individuals. 


The types of reliefs that you could claim for any Year of Assessment (YA) depends on your personal circumstances prevailing in the calendar year immediately before that YA.


You are married on 1 Sep 2014. For YA 2015, you will be eligible to claim tax relief of $2,000 for supporting your spouse in 2014.   

Summary of personal reliefs for tax residents (from YA 2014)

   Type of Relief  Quantum
 1. Earned Income Relief
  i) Below 55 years old $1,000
  ii) 55 to 59 years old $6,000
  iii) 60 years old and above $8,000
 2. Spouse Relief $2,000
  Handicapped Spouse Relief


$5,500 (From YA 2015) New!

 3. Qualifying Child Relief(QCR) $4,000 per child
  Handicapped Child Relief(HCR)

$5,500 per child

$7,500 per child (From YA 2015) New!

 4. Parent Relief

Staying with parents: $7,000

$9,000 (From YA 2015) New!

Not staying with parents: $4,500

$5,500 (From YA 2015) New!

  Handicapped Parent Relief

Staying with parents: $11,000

$14,000 (From YA 2015) New!

Not staying with parents: $8,000

$10,000 (From YA 2015) New!

 5. Relief for Course Fees Actual course fees paid up to a maximum of $5,500 each year
 6. Life Insurance Relief

Maximum of $5,000 capped at the lower of:

a. Insurance premiums paid in the preceding year; or

b. 7% of capital sum assured on death

 7. Foreign Maid Levy Relief Twice the levy paid in the previous year on one foreign maid (subject to maximum of $6,360 or $3,080 provided that the Ministry of Manpower had approved your application for levy concession.)
 8. Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) Relief Actual SRS contribution (subject to maximum of S$29,750).


What are the qualifying conditions

  Qualifying Conditions
Earned income relief

You will get this relief if you have received earned income e.g. from employment. If you are eligible, we will automatically grant this relief to you when we process your return.


Spouse/Handicapped Spouse Relief

You may claim the spouse relief if:

- Your spouse was living with or supported by you and does not have annual income (e.g.salary and tax exempt income such as bank interest, dividend and pension) exceeding $4,000 in the previous year. For handicapped spouse relief, the income threshold condition of $4,000 does not apply.

- You are divorced or legally separated and you paid alimony/maintenance to your ex-wife in the previous year. With effect from YA 2012, you cannot claim this relief for alimony paid to your ex-wife.

Qualifying/Handicapped Child Relief

You may claim for either qualifying child relief (QCR) or the handicapped child relief (HCR). The child need not be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident or staying in Singapore for you to make such claim. QCR/HCR may be shared with your spouse based on the apportionment agreed by both parties.

For claim of QCR, the child must:

- Be unmarried; and

- Be a legitimate child, step child or legally adopted child; and

- Be below 16 years old or studying full-time at any university, college or other educational institution; and

- Not have an annual income (e.g. salary from vacation jobs but not including scholarship and similar allowances) exceeding $4,000 in the previous year.

If the child is mentally or physically handicapped, you can claim for HCR. You cannot claim HCR on the same child if you are claiming or have already claimed QCR in the same YA.

Course Fees Relief

The seminar or conference must relate to your employment and leads to an approved academic and professional qualification.

Your claim should only include registration or enrolment fees, examination fees, tuition fees and aptitude test fees (for computer courses).

Parent / Handicapped Parent Relief

You may claim for this relief if you supported your own or spouse's parents, grandparents or great grandparents and no one else is claiming this relief.

The dependent must meet ALL the following conditions:

- He/she was living in Singapore in the previous year; and

- He/she was living in your household. If he/she was living in a separate household, you must have incurred $2,000 or more in supporting him/her; and

- He/she is 55 years of age or above or is physically or mentally disabled; and

- He/she does not have income (e.g. salary or tax exempt income such as bank interest, dividend and pension) exceeding $4,000. This income threshold condition is not applicable to claim for handicapped parent relief.

Changes with effect from Year of Assessment 2015 New!

-If you have supported the same parent or handicapped parent with other people, all of you can share this relief based on an agreed apportionment. The amount of parent/handicapped parent relief to be shared among the claimants would depend on whether any of you stay with the dependant. The claimants must agree on the basis of apportionment before they claim the parent relief on the same dependant. Otherwise, the Comptroller of Income Tax would apportion the relief equally among all claimants.


Life Insurance Relief

You may claim for this relief if you satisfy ALL the following conditions:

- You paid insurance premiums on your own life assurance policies or on insurance bought on the life of your wife where you are the policy holder; and

- The insurance company must have an office or branch in Singapore for policies taken on or after 10 Aug 1973.

This relief is also applicable to life insurance policies bought overseas provided that all the above conditions are satisfied. No relief will be given for insurance premiums paid on medical and investment policies, children's life assurance policies and insurance premiums paid by a married woman on her husband's life assurance policies.

You may contact your insurance company to find out whether it has a branch or an office in Singapore.

Foreign Maid Levy Relief

You may claim this relief if in the previous year, you are:

- Married and living with your husband, OR

- Married and your husband was not resident in Singapore,OR

- Separated from your husband, divorced or widowed and had children who lived with you and on whom you could claim child relief.

The amount of relief is equal to double the annual foreign worker levy paid in respect of one foreign maid employed by you or your husband. This amount can only be deducted against your earned income e.g. income from employment.

SRS Relief

You are entitled to a SRS tax relief in the YA following the year of contribution. The relief will be allowed automatically based on the information provided by the SRS operator.

The SRS operators are:

- DBS Group Holdings Ltd

- Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) Ltd

- United Overseas Bank (UOB) Ltd

Last Updated on 6 January 2015

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