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Filetax – SMS Mobile Service available from Mar to Jun each year

Filetax allows you to check whether you are required to file your income tax return for the Year of Assessment 2015.  This service is free.  However, prevailing SMS charges apply.

How to use Filetax?


Step 1
Compose your SMS with identification number as follows:

Key in
filetax<space>NRIC / FIN Number 

For example, if your identification number is F1234567N, enter:
filetax F1234567N

1st Filetax

Step 2 

Send the SMS via your mobile phone to 9116 4900

2nd filetax

Step 3

You will receive an SMS stating whether you need to file your income tax return.
If you have filed, you can check whether IRAS has received your return.  Please allow IRAS 2 to 3 days to update your record before checking your filing status via SMS.

This is an automated SMS mobile service. Please do not reply to the mobile number when you receive our SMS.


 Filetax YA15




  • Your SMS query can be in upper or lower case or both.  It is not case sensitive.
  • The response time of SMS may be 5 – 15 minutes when there is heavy load of SMS. The response time is also dependent on factors such as location of mobile network coverage, SMS traffic at mobile service provider’s message centre, etc.
  • The mobile service will not be available from SGT 2.00 am – 6.00 am due to daily maintenance.


Last Updated on 26 February 2015

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