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For property owners

Comprehensive Information  Top Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)
 Know your property tax

Why do I need to pay property tax 
How is property tax calculated 
How is Annual Value determined and when will it be revised 
Who is responsible for paying property tax 
Do I need to pay Income Tax on my rental income 
How do I read property tax information in other languages [Chinese/Malay/Tamil] 


 Check your property tax concession and relief  

Is there a difference if I stay in my residential property or rent out my property 


 Calculate your property tax (explanatory notes)

Calculators for:
HDB Flat  
Private Residential Property  
Non-Residential Property   

 Pay your property tax

What are the different ways of paying my property tax 
How do I apply GIRO and know if my GIRO is approved 
What are the deduction dates for property tax 
How do I terminate GIRO 
Payment due date


 Before you sell/ rent out/ carry out building works...

What to note before I sell my property 
What to note before I rent out my property 
What to note if I carry out building works on my property 



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