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For GST-registered businesses

Important Dates Tax forms e-Tax Guides e-Services

01 Feb 2009
New "Revenue" item in GST return 

05 Jun 2009
Advance ruling system for GST

10 Mar 2009
Check if a business is GST-registered on the go! You may now check whether a business is GST-registered via our free mobile service.

01 Jan 2009
Organisations with UEN will use UEN to interact with IRAS and to log into myTax Portal and EASY. However, 3 groups of GST-registered traders will continue to use GSTN to interact with IRAS on GST matters and log into myTax Portal and EASY for GST e-Services. More information on UEN.

News & updates for GST-registered businesses


Receiving grant

Charities and Non-Profit Organisation

Receiving donation and sponsorship


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Charge & Claim GST Complete & File GST return Payment/Refund of GST Others

How to implement GST

When to charge 7% GST (standard-rate)

When to charge 0% GST (zero-rate)

When is GST not charged

When to report supply in GST return (time of supply)

Can I claim GST (input tax)


Common scenarios - Do I charge/ deem/ claim GST

Foreign currency transactions

Price display, invoicing and record-keeping

Essential GST information for business sectors

Overview of e-Filing process

What to fill in each box (completing GST return)

Correct errors made in GST return (request for GST F7)

Due dates and request for extension

If you have failed to file or filed late

Check status of GST return

Check acknowledgement page/ correspondence/ notices

Change GST accounting periods

Payment modes

If you have failed to pay or paid late

When will I receive my GST refund

Check account summary/ payments

GST assessment

Compliance Matters for GST

GST Course "Introduction to GST" (e-Learning)

 GST Schemes (Major Exporter Scheme, Tourist Refund Scheme, Zero GST Warehouse...)

Notify IRAS of changes to my business

Cancel GST registration

Special GST registration (Group registration, Divisional registration and Joint ventures)

GST initiatives to facilitate voluntary compliance (Assisted Self-help Kit, Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme)

Advance ruling system for GST

Implement GST rate change


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