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Individuals (For locals)

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Check if your employer is one of the participants of the Auto-Inclusion Scheme for employment income 

Check Income Tax rates

Join GIRO to enjoy interest-free instalment payment! Taxpayers who are not on GIRO will have their income tax assessed before those who are on GIRO.

More tax forms for Individuals

News & updates for Individuals (For locals)

Qualifying/handicapped child relief

Parenthood tax rebate

Working mother’s child relief

Tax on SRS withdrawal

SRS contributions

Most Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started After filing After getting the tax bill
(Notice of Assessment)

Do I have to pay tax

When will I get my tax bill How to read my tax bill
Do I have to file tax Change filing details What if the tax amount is not correct
Am I an Employee or a Self-Employed Check if IRAS has received my filing How to pay
Know what is taxable, what is not   If you have failed to pay or paid late
Deductions to save tax (reliefs, expenses, donations, tax rebates...)   Claim refunds
How to file tax    
How to calculate my tax    
If you have failed to file or filed late     
If you make errors in your return    


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