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Individuals tax forms

The following forms for filing of individual income tax are not available for downloading.
Form B1 (For individuals who are employees)
Form B (For individuals who are self-employed)
Form M (For non-resident individuals)

If you have not received or misplaced yours, please call:
Form B1:  1800-356 8300
Form B:  1800-356 8300
Form M:  6356 8300 (If you are calling from overseas, please prefix this number with country code "65")


S/No   Form Name  Last Updated

Application for Approval of Equipment for Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC)   (44KB)
(From Year of Assessment 2013)

Feb 2014
2 Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Enhanced Allowances/Deduction Declaration Form for Sole-Proprietors and Partnerships  (105KB) Mar 2014

Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Cash Payout Application Form

a) Submit your cash payout application via myTax Portal New! 

We strongly encourage you to submit your PIC cash payout applications via myTax Portal to enjoy these benefits:

  • Having conveniently located i-Helps to give you on-the-spot guidance with the application
  • Having a save draft function that allows you to save and continue your application at your convenience
  • Receiving an instant acknowledgement when the application is successfully sent to IRAS

 Just follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to and make your cash payout application via myTax Portal if you are authorised for “PIC Cash Payout Matters” for the business

Complete, upload and submit the:

If you require further assistance, please refer to our:


b) PIC Cash Payout Application Form (Online)

If you are claiming costs incurred on PIC IT and Automation Equipment acquired on hire purchase, please also complete the Hire-Purchase Template (296KB) and submit it together with the completed and signed PIC Cash Payout Application Form.

Feb 2015
4 Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Cash Payout - Disposal of Qualifying Assets Form (34KB) Mar 2011
5 Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Tax Deferral Form (53KB) Jun 2011
6 Research & Development (R&D) Claim Form (For Sole-Proprietorship & Partnership) (48.5KB) Feb 2009
7 Section 24 Notice of Election (For Sole-Proprietorship and Partnership)   (20KB)  Mar 2008
8 Application for Deferment of Tax attributable to Gains from Qualified Employee Stock Option (Form IR111)
ESOP  (122KB)
Oct 2005
9 Application for Claim of Handicapped-Related Tax Reliefs (243KB) May 2013
10  Election Form to Transfer Qualifying Deductions to Spouse    (555KB) Feb 2012
11 For New Taxpayers
IRAS Pin Application Form   (65KB)
Dec 2011
12 Letter of Authorisation  Feb 2014
13 Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)  
13a Declaration Form for SRS  (77KB) Sep 2011
13b Notification to IRAS of the Death of the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) Member and Application for Withdrawal from SRS Account   (104KB) Feb 2014
13c Application for Penalty-Free Premature Withdrawal of Funds from SRS Account on Medical Grounds  (76KB) Sep 2011
13d Application for Penalty-Free Premature Withdrawal of Funds from SRS Account upon Bankruptcy  (78KB) Sep 2011
13e SRS Statement of Contribution/Withdrawal (for tax clearance) (61KB) Jul 2009
14 Application for Area Representative Status  (192KB) Dec 2012
15 Application for Not Ordinarily Resident (NOR Scheme)  (246KB) May 2014
16 Election Form for Individuals for Carry-Back of Capital Allowances and Trade Losses (For Years of Assessment 2009 and 2010 only) (69KB) Jan 2009
17 Election Form for Individuals for Carry-Back of Capital Allowances and Trade Losses (59KB) Jan 2006
18 Application for Certificate of Residence (For Individual Tax Residents only)(58KB)   Apr 2012
19 Application for Advance Ruling  (122KB) Dec 2013
20 S13(12) Declaration Form  (128KB)  Feb 2012
21 Request for Tax Reassessment from 'Non-Resident' to 'Resident' Status  (203KB) Sep 2012
22  Renovation & Refurbishment (R&R) Form (For Sole-proprietorship & Partnership)  (36KB) Sep 2013
23 Claim for Deduction under Angel Investors Tax Deduction Scheme (44KB) Sep 2011
24 Application for Resident Status for Public Entertainers (215KB)  May 2012

Tax Treaty Calculator for Personal Services Rendered by Employees

-To claim tax treaty exemption for dependent personal services rendered in Singapore, please provide the information in the calculator. The Claim Form and Certificate of Residence will be displayed for your completion if you are eligible for tax treaty exemption

Jan 2015


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