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Individuals (For locals)

  Common filing mistakes What you need to do
1  Declaration of Employment Income
  • My employer is sending my employment income details to IRAS. Therefore, I do not have to file my tax return
  • Although your employer has transmitted your employment income details to IRAS, you are still required to e-File your Income Tax Return unless you have received the No-Filing Service (NFS) Letter.
  • If you received the NFS letter, you do not need to file an Income Tax Return. However, please file if you have other income to declare or changes to your personal relief claims this year.
  • How do I know if my employer is sending my income details to IRAS?
2 Declaration of Dividend Income
I do not need to declare dividends from CDP, ADS under joint accounts as they will be automatically included in my assessment. You are not required to report dividends from CDP and ADS as these dividends are no longer taxable.

3 I declare my income as a taxi-driver as Other Income. A taxi-driver is a self-employed person.

For e-Filing:
You need to declare as trade income under item 3 "Trade, Business, Profession or Vocation".

For paper filing:
  • Form B1: Complete item 1 "Trade, Business, Profession or Vocation" of Appendix 1 and item 3 "Other Income" on Page 2 of Form B1.
  • Form B: Complete items 1 to 9 on Page 2.
4 Reliefs
Since I have claimed reliefs last year, I do not have to claim them again. The reliefs will be automatically included in my future assessments.
For paper filing:
You still need to claim reliefs and enter the amount of claim even if this amount remains unchanged from last year.

For e-Filing:
You need not claim the reliefs shown in the Income, Deductions and Relief Statement (IDRS) as they will be automatically included in your tax assessment.

If you have any changes to the pre-filled deductions and reliefs or wish to claim new reliefs/Parenthood Tax Rebate, please select "Yes, I have other income to declare or changes to make to my relief claims" at the Income, Deductions and Relief Statement (IDRS) page and fill in the details at the Main Tax Form.
5 I entered the amount of Earned Income Relief in the "details of handicap" as there is no "amount" field provided for Earned Income Relief. You need not enter an amount for Earned Income Relief as it will be automatically calculated and included in your tax assessment based on your eligibility.
6 I declared my self-employed CPF contributions under CPF/Provident Fund. You need not declare self-employed CPF contributions as it will be automatically calculated and included in your tax assessment based on your eligibility.
7 For e-Filing:
I did not finish my filing as I did not have any income or reliefs to report other than those shown in Income Deductions and Reliefs Statement. You still need to select "No, I have nothing to declare other than the information shown in the IDRS above" and click on "Submit Income Tax Return" button to complete your e-Filing. An acknowledgement page with the acknowledgement number will be displayed upon successful submission.
8 For e-Filing:
I clicked "Yes, I have other income to declare or changes to make to my relief claims" to declare my other income or reliefs not shown in IDRS. After declaring my other income or reliefs in the Main Tax Form, I clicked "View Consolidated Statement & Submit Tax Return" button. I exited from e-Filing.

You need to check that the details in the Consolidated Statement are correct.

You are advised to print or save the Consolidated Statement before you click the "Submit Income Tax Return" button.

You need to click the "Submit Income Tax Return" button at Consolidated Statement to complete your e-Filing.


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