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For property owners

Eligibility and application

Who can apply?

If you have demolished your house to make way for a new house, you can apply for a remission of property tax under the Property Tax (Replacement Owner-Occupied House under Construction) (Remission) Order 2013.

If you qualify for this remission, you will continue to enjoy owner-occupier tax rates on the property (as before the reconstruction work) during the construction period.

What's New? 

A new order will be enacted to take into account the new progressive property tax rates. Owners enjoying the existing remission need not take any action and will continue to enjoy the remission under the new order.


  • The land is not occupied;
  • No rent or fee is charged or received for the occupation or use of the land or any part thereof;
  • You are not enjoying the owner-occupier concession on another property during the remission period. If you are enjoying the owner-occupier tax rates on another property during the same period, you can inform us to withdraw the owner-occupier tax rates on that property.
  • The replacement house is owner-occupied for at least one year following the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) date or the Certificate of Statutory Completion(CSC) from the Building Authority.

Period of remission

The period of remission is for a maximum period of two years from the date of land assessment to the date of issue of the TOP date or CSC for the replacement house, whichever is earlier.


How do I apply?

You need to submit a written undertaking  (48KB) not later than 30 days of the TOP or CSC of the replacement house. 

What happens if I do not fulfil with the conditions?

Your remission will be withdrawn. We will notify you of the amount of tax difference to be paid. This tax difference amount may be subject to an additional 5% charge at the discretion of the Comptroller of Property Tax.



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Last Updated on 5 November 2014

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