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e-Filing is Easy!

e-File now via myTax Portal with your SingPass / IRAS PIN by 18 Apr. An instant acknowledgement will be sent to you after you have e-filed successfully.

Click here for Guides/ FAQ on e-Filing.  


SingPass or IRAS PIN Request

We recommend that you obtain a SingPass. SingPass is a common password for transacting with all Government e-services.

You may apply for SingPass online. You should receive your SingPass within four working days. Find out more about SingPass.

If you are not eligible for SingPass, you may apply for an IRAS PIN online. We will send the IRAS PIN mailer to you within five working days.

If you have an existing IRAS PIN, you need not apply for a new IRAS PIN. You may use the existing IRAS PIN to e-file your tax return (provided your income tax account is activated).


Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) - IRAS Pre-Fills Your Income, Deductions & Reliefs for You

If you e-File or if you are selected for the No-Filing Service (NFS), IRAS will pre-fill the following :

(a) All income, deductions and reliefs from organisations participating in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme. For example, employment income, donations, NS men relief.

(b) Reliefs claimed by you in the previous year. For example, Qualifying Child Relief, Foreign Maid Levy.


What You Need to Do When You e-File

(a) Verify that the pre-filled information such as your income, deductions and reliefs are accurate and complete. Please check with the relevant organisations directly for any discrepancy.  Organisations will resubmit information for discrepancies.

(b) For the pre-filled reliefs that you have claimed previously such as parent relief, child relief, etc, if you no longer meet the qualifying conditions, you will need to remove or modify the pre-filled reliefs when you e-file.

(c) You need to declare any additional income or claim additional reliefs which are not pre-filled.  For example, claim relief for newborn child.


Ready to e-File?

Please prepare the following documents / information before you log in:

  • SingPass / IRAS PIN
  • Form IR8A (if your employer is not participating in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme
  • Particulars of your dependants e.g. child / parent (for new relief claims only)
  • Details of rental income from your property and other income, if any
  • Business Registration Number / Partnership Tax Reference Number, if applicable (for self-employed and partners only).

This electronic tax form may take you 5-10 minutes to complete. Your session will timeout if it is idle for more than 20 minutes. In this instance, you have to log in to the portal again.


To begin e-Filing, please log on to myTax portal with your SingPass / IRAS PIN.


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Last Updated on 2 December 2014

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