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The trial exercise is meant to prepare employers who are new to the AIS for their first submission in January.

Trial Exercise Details

The Trial Exercise is conducted from September till November every year.

Employers who are participating in the AIS for the first time in Year of Assessment (YA) 2015 will be allocated a period of 2 weeks between September till November 2014 to complete the exercise. More details about the exercise will be sent to employers nearer to their allocated periods.

Steps to complete the Trial Exercise

Step 1: Download the trial version of the AIS software

Employers must use the trial versions of the AIS software for the Trial Exercise.
The trial versions of the AIS software and user guides will be released for download at this webpage in September 2014.

Step 2: Practice the submission process using the trial version of the AIS software

Create a few sample records and go through the steps for submission using the trial version of AIS software. Please note that the information submitted via the trial versions of the AIS software will not be transmitted to IRAS as it is only a trial exercise.

Step 3: Submit the Trial Code for your organisation

Upon completion of the steps for submission, the software will generate a Trial Code. You are required to submit the Trial Code to IRAS via myTax Portal to complete the Trial Exercise.

You have to be authorised as the “Approver’ for your organisation under ‘e-Submission of Employment Income’ to submit the Trial Code. If you have yet to be authorised as the “Approver”, please do so using the e-Services Authorisation System (EASY).

You may find out more about the authorisation process at the Authorisation page.

After completing the Trial Exercise

 Uninstall the trial versions of the AIS software

Please uninstall the trial versions of the software as they cannot be used for the actual 'Live' submission which commences in January.

Below is a guide on how to remove the software from your computers:

Guide to Uninstall Java Application (284 KB)

The updated ‘Live’ version of the AIS software for Year of Assessment (YA) 2015 can be downloaded from software’s respective websites from 20 December 2014 onwards.

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