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For companies

Complete the GR Forms

To apply for group relief (GR), the transferor company has to submit the completed GR Form A (Form GR-A) while the claimant company has to submit the completed GR Form B (Form GR-B) at the time of submission of their annual tax returns.  Otherwise, the company will not be eligible for the GR for that Year of Assessment.

The election for group relief is irrevocable.

Can the company submit a revised GR form? Revised! 

The company cannot amend the GR form after submission. Please ensure accuracy (e.g. the order of claimant companies) before filing your company's tax returns by the due date.

However, if the company receives a Notice of Assessment (NOA) showing a change in its tax position from profit to loss position or vice versa due to tax discharged or additional tax raised, the company can submit a revised GR form:

When assessments of a claimant company is revised from a profit to a loss position,

  • the company (new transferor) may submit a Form GR-A within two months from the Notice of Assessment (NOA).

  • the claimant companies to which loss items are to be transferred by the new transferor company must submit a Form GR-B within two months from the NOA.

  • If the claimant companies have previously submitted a Form GR-B, it cannot change the ranking previously specified but may add the new transferor company

When assessments of a transferor company are revised from a loss position to a taxable position,

  • any Form GR-A submitted previously will be void.
  • the company (new claimant) may claim the loss items to be transferred by submitting a Form GR-B within two months from the NOA.
  • the transferor company from which loss items are to be claimed by the new claimant must submit a Form GR-A within two months from the Notice of NOA.
  • If the transferor company has previously submitted Form GR-A, it cannot change the ranking previously specified but may add the new claimant company.


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Last Updated on 3 November 2014

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