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How to file ECI
Benefits of e-Filing
Paying your estimated taxes

How to file ECI

Please file your company's ECI:

  • Electronically via the e-Service “File ECI” at myTax Portal*; or
  • By submitting an ECI Form. The completed ECI Form can be submitted to IRAS by post or fax:

    Mailing Address    Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
                                    55 Newton Road
                                    Revenue House
                                    Singapore 307987

    Fax Number          +65 6351 4360


After IRAS has processed the ECI form, your company will receive a Notice of Assessment (NOA) stating the estimated tax, which has to be paid within one month from the date of the NOA. However, IRAS will not issue a NOA to your company if it has filed a "NIL" ECI amount.

* Before you access the “File ECI” e-Service to file your company’s ECI, please ensure that you have:

Benefits of e-Filing

You are encouraged to e-File your company’s ECI as you will:

  • receive instant acknowledgement upon successful e-Filing; and
  • enjoy a greater number of instalments to pay your company’s estimated tax.

The table below summarises the number of instalments that will be allowed to e-Filers and paper-filers of ECI:

   No. of instalments given
ECI filed within:



1 month from accounting year-end 10 5
2 months from accounting year-end 8 4
3 months from accounting year-end 6 3
After 3 months from accounting year-end
No instalments allowed
  • For e-Filers, e-File by the 26th of each qualifying month to enjoy the maximum number of instalments allowable for that month.
  • For paper-filers, your company's ECI Form should reach IRAS by the 24th of each qualifying month to enjoy the maximum number of instalments allowable for that month.

Example: December year-end company

e-File by

Number of instalments

Paper-file by

Number of instalments

26th January


24th January


26th February


24th February


26th March


24th March


After 26th March

No instalments

After 24th March

No instalments

Paying your estimated tax

Your company has one month from the date of the Notice of Assessment (NOA) to pay the tax.  However, if your company qualifies for instalments and has previously paid its corporate tax by GIRO, the instalment plan will be sent to your company together with your NOA.

Please note that if your company has not paid its tax by instalment previously, instalments will not be given automatically. If you wish to pay your tax by instalment, you would need to sign up for GIRO by submitting a GIRO application.

Please note that only companies that are registered in Singapore qualify for instalment payment.

For details on other payment modes, please refer to How to pay.

Join GIRO to enjoy instalment payment

Since 1 Apr 2013, all companies are to join GIRO to enjoy instalment payment for their estimated corporate taxes.

For companies that have been paying their taxes for the last 12 months (viz 1 Apr 2012 to 31 Mar 2013) via non-GIRO instalment plan, they can continue with the plan till the plan ends in 2015. This is to ensure a smooth transition to instalments by GIRO. All new instalment plans issued from 1 Jan 2015 will be for payment through GIRO only.


  • Company X with a Dec year-end has filed a “NIL” ECI for YA 2013, and thus was not required to pay any tax. For YA 2014, if the company wishes to pay the estimated tax by instalments, it will need to sign up for GIRO.
  • Company Y with a Dec year-end has paper-filed its ECI for YA 2013 on 10 Feb 2013. The company was given a non-GIRO instalment plan from Feb 2013 to May 2013. As this falls under the transition period viz. 1 Apr 2012 to 31 Mar 2013, the company can continue to be on non-GIRO instalments for YA 2014. However for YA 2015, Company Y will have to sign up for GIRO if it wishes to pay its estimated tax by instalments.
  • Company Z has been paying its estimated taxes via non-GIRO instalment plans. It e-Files its ECI for YA 2015 on 10 Oct 2014. The company is given a non-GIRO instalment plan from Oct 2014 to Jul 2015 to pay its estimated tax. To ensure a smooth transition to instalments by GIRO, the company can continue with the instalment plan till it ends in Jul 2015. However, to pay its YA 2016 estimated tax by instalments, the company will have to sign up for GIRO.


You can e-File the ECI if no assessment for the YA has been issued to the company. However, no instalments will be granted if a company files its ECI beyond three months after the end of its accounting period.


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