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You can pay using the 24-hour AXS Stations.  

Making Payment

The Payment Slip is issued together with your Tax Bill if you are not on the GIRO payment plan. Please bring along this original Payment Slip to make payment. You can either key in the Payment Slip Number or scan the bar code, which is located at the bottom of the Payment Slip.

For Individual Income Tax or Property Tax payment, please enter your Tax Reference Number as an alternative to the Payment Slip Number.

The cards accepted at these Stations are:

• Automated Teller Machine cards from DBS/POSB, UOB, OCBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank and Maybank
The amount to be deducted is limited by the daily payment limit set by you with your bank.

• Diners Club Card and DBS/POSB Credit Card
The payment limit is determined by Diners Club or your bank.

Upon completion of the payment transaction, you will be issued with a receipt. Your payment will be posted into the tax account within three working days after payment is made.

To check your latest tax position, please go to myTax Portal - 'View Account Summary'.

Please contact Diners Club or your Bank's Customer Service if you have any problem making a payment. 


Please visit for the location of AXS Stations.


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Last Updated on 20 November 2014

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