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Stamp duty

For transfer of shares listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore, stamp duty is payable if share transfers are executed.

Stamp duty is computed on the purchase price or market value of the shares transferred, whichever is higher.

The value of the shares shall be the closing price on the Stock Exchange as at the date of the document. If there is no available closing price as at the date of the document, the previous closing price can be used.



Number of shares to be transferred


Traded price per share


Purchase Price




Transfer of shares listed on Stock Exchange of Singapore


Determine whether Total Value (Traded Price) or Purchase Price is higher

Total Value

= 8,000 x $1.20

= $9,600

(This value is higher than the purchase price of $9,000)


Stamp Duty payable

= $9,600 x 0.2%

= $19.20

= $19.00 (rounded down to the nearest dollar)



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Last Updated on 2 April 2014

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