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Media Releases and Speeches

Media Releases and Speeches

22 Dec 2009

Singaporeans who have yet to sign up for their GST Credits should do so quickly by 31 Dec 2009. Those who do not sign up by 31st December 2009 will not be eligible for their 2009 GST Credits and Senior Citizens' Bonus.

2          They may sign-up through the following ways:

a)         through the internet, at
b)         by filling up the GST/1 form available at any CC, CDC or CPF Service Centre. All forms should reach CPF Board no later than 31 December 2009.  

3          Those who do not sign up by 31st December 2009 will still be eligible for next year’s GST Credits, but there will be no retrospective payment of the 2009 GST Credits and Senior Citizens' Bonus. For more information on the GST Offset Package, please visit or call the CPF Board at 1800-2222-888.

240,000 low-income Singaporean households received about $900 million

4          This year, more than 240,000 low-income Singaporeans households living in 1-3 room HDB flats have received about $400 million in GST Credits and Senior Citizens’ Bonus, Utilities-Save, Services and Conservancy Charges and rental rebates. The Ministry would like to thank grassroots leaders for their outreach efforts to help elderly and low-income Singaporeans sign up for their GST Credits and Senior Citizens’ Bonus. $460 million in Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) and WIS Special Payment have also been disbursed to eligible low-wage workers. 

5          Singaporeans who may need additional help can approach their Community Development Councils, Family Service Centres, or their grassroots leaders. Grassroots leaders can help needy residents apply for immediate assistance from the Citizens Consultative Committee ComCare Fund. Singaporeans who need help can also call the ComCare Call helpline at 1800 - 222 0000.

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