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For companies

Fastest way to request duplicate copies of NOA 

You can view or print a copy of your NOA issued by IRAS after 1 Feb 2008 via myTax Portal. For more details on this e-Service, please refer to "View Correspondence/Notices".

Most taxpayers prefer to retrieve NOAs this way, as this service is free and it is fast and convenient.

If it is necessary to come down in person to collect NOA

There is a fee for NOA collection at Revenue House. Please call the Corporate Tax Helpline on 1800-356 8622 to request duplicate copies of your NOA and we will contact you to make an appointment for collection of the documents once they are ready. Please note that collection of documents is strictly by appointment only.

Who can collect & where

  • Director of the company together with his NRIC; or
  • Authorised person of the company. He is required to produce his NRIC and an authorisation letter (using company’s letterhead) stating his full name, NRIC number and the document that he wishes to collect.

Please proceed to Taxpayer Services Centre, 1st storey, Revenue House for collection of the documents. Our office hours are 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. You may pay by Nets or Cashcard when you collect your documents.

Fees for document request

The respective charges for the request is as below. Please note that printing of NOA and correspondence via myTax Portal is free-of-charge.

 Year of Assessment which the document relates to  Search fee  Fees for uncertified documents
(for each page of document)
 Fees for  certified documents
(for each page of document)
More than six years before the current year $36.00 for the search of each document $0.30 per page $3.00 per certified page
Six years or less before the current year $12.00 for each search of documents $0.30 per page $3.00 per certified page


  • For 1 copy of tax bill (Notice of Assessment) that is not more than 6 years back, you need to pay $12.30.
  • For 2 copies of tax bill (Notice of Assessment) that is not more than 6 years back, you will pay $12.60 (provided both notices are obtained in one search).


Last Updated on 27 May 2014

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