Interactive e-Filing Guide
Year of Assessment 2017

Try out this demo for e-Filing of Corporate Tax Return (Form C-S).
You will need to get ready your accounts and tax computation before you start to e-File.
You may use the Basic Tax Calculator to help you prepare your tax computation.
From the demo, you will be able to see:
1. How a filer performing the role of an Approver e-File a Form C-S.
2. The main sections of the Form C-S:
    Part A: Qualifying Conditions for filing Form C-S
    Part B: Tax Adjustments
    Part C:
     - Infomation from Financial Statement
     - Deduction of Unutilised capital Allowances/ Losses/ Donations Brought Forward
     - Tax Exemption Scheme for New Start-up Companies
     - Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme
3. The Confirmation Page (pre-filled wiith static data) before the filer submits the Form C-S to IRAS.
4. The acknowledgement Page (pre-filled with static data) after submitting the return to IRAS.