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Different careers in the tax industry

Fostering a tax eco-system is not just about the policies. At the heart of it, people are what matters.

Tax is an evolving and dynamic industry. New business models, international developments as well as changes in the fiscal and legal systems require people working in the tax industry to continually broaden and deepen their knowledge and competencies. In this fast-paced and competitive environment, constant learning is key to staying ahead of the curve.

While IRAS plays a key role in the administration of taxes for the Government, the wider tax eco-system encompasses more than just IRAS. Collectively, stakeholders from taxpayers to industry groups, professional bodies and other government agencies work to create a tax system which forms a solid foundation for Singapore’s prosperity. We believe that it is only through people that we can shape a progressive tax system which allows people and businesses to grow and progress.

There is a part for everyone to contribute - whether you are a student finding your career footing or an experienced professional retooling for a career in tax.
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