PST Star Service Awards

The Public Sector Transformation (PST) Star Service Awards are given out annually to recognize public officers for their dedication to service excellence. By identifying role models who deliver exemplary service, this award encourages quality customer service and aims to improve the standards of service delivery in the Singapore Public Service.

For the year of 2018, Ms Vanessa Song (Taxpayer Services Division), Ms Wong Shu Qi (Corporate Tax Division), and SingPass Transformers received the Star Service Award.

Vanessa (PS21)

“As an effective leader who is able to motivate a small team to deliver high impact projects, she has helped IRAS achieve citizen-centric outcomes such as a more user-friendly myTax Portal, smooth peak period operations and clear guidelines that empower frontline staff to deliver excellent service to the public.”

Compliments for Ms Vanessa Song

Shu Qi (PS21)

“Shu Qi’s excellent service mindset extends beyond external customers to her fellow colleagues. She is very pro-active in updating standard operating procedures and internal frequently asked questions for her frontline team’s benefit. Whenever clarification emails on technical procedures/ work processes are shared with frontline officers, she does the updates almost immediately without fail.”
Compliments for Ms Wong Shu Qi

From left: Ng Siling, Elin Sou, Ho Kit Mung (Govtech), Clara Ng, Loh Bin Han (Govtech), Norhaizah Zainal (Not pictured: Felicia Chong, Zhuo Weini, Carina Lim)

Star Service Team Award winner; SingPass Transformers from Goods and Service Tax Division, Corporate Tax Division and Taxpayer Services Division, collaborated with GovTech to proactively assist GST filers to set up their SingPass 2-Step Verification (2FA).