Turning 25 - Towards A New Digital Era

2017 - 25 Years of IRAS

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) turned twenty five in 2017. From leveraging and adopting new technologies in our services to taxpayers to partnering global tax partners, here's a round up of our digital transformation.

Infographic on 25 years of IRAS's Transformation-min

25th Celebrations Activities

From the opening of the refreshed IRAS Gallery, and online games for both the millennials and boomers - here's a snippet of what went on!

The  IRAS Gallery had a makeover! The gallery, located at Revenue House, tells the story of Singapore's transformation from a young nation battling a massive backlog in taxes into a regional hub for businesses. First opened in 2008, its contents have been updated to reflect developments in the sector. There are also more interactive elements. Visitors can "detect a tax fraud" through the interactive games, or find out about a career in the tax industry.


Giving Back

Giving back is part of IRAS' DNA. Whether it is the teams we have assembled for the Goodie Bag In Kindness Movement or the Step-Up Mass Walk Challenge this year, we were committed to making a positive impact in our larger community. As we celebrated our silver jubilee, our people have challenged ourselves with a variety of meaningful fundraising ideas - from Charity Marketplaces to donating a Gift of Hope in denominations of $25, or even using donation votes to get their favourite singing acts into the finals - we raised $135,000 funds for a good cause!

A Bright Future: Future of IRAS

Today, IRAS has pioneered creative solutions that have become world benchmarks. Among several firsts, IRAS brought us electronic filing, electronic stamping and the electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS). Not only has tax-filing gone online, for many taxpayers filing a return and paying taxes could be as simple as a click of the mouse or even doing nothing.

IRAS continues to evolve ahead of the growing volume and increasingly sophisticated needs of taxpayers who set new standards for excellence with creative solutions and experiences that will define tax collection for generations to come.

We are inspired to ride this wave of digitalization, redefine the experiences of our taxpayers and bring greater value to our communities. Watch the animated story of IRAS below.

The IRAS Story - Turning 25-min