2016 IRAShines! Service Champions

The IRAShines! Service Champion is a new award to recognise individuals who have led and implemented significant improvements in the organisation to raise customer satisfaction which has positively impacted business results.

Svc Champions 2016

From left to right: Patricia Low, Norhana Bte Rahman, Loh Zhiqi

"Norhana has been actively involved in activities relating to service improvements over the years, including the MyTax Mail system, and overseeing the team which developed the personal reliefs eligibility"
Compliment for Ms Norhana Bte Rahman

"Patricia actively leads her team in making improvements to provide better service to taxpayers and staff alike. She oversaw 10 branch projects leading to significant improvements in service delivery, including a review of clearance process, which has brought about a shorter turnaround time for taxpayers seeking tax clearance and significantly reduced the number of contacts on this."
Compliment for Ms Patricia Low

"Zhiqi developed and refined a Certificate of Residence generator which helped to improve work efficiency for her team and reduce the risk of human errors."
Compliment for Ms Loh Zhiqi