2016 Star Service Teams

The Star Service Team Awards are given to staff who have demonstrated teamwork in service delivery that exceeded customer expectations and went beyond the call of duty.

Form C e-Filing Team

The project team was formed to review the Form C filing requirement and explore e-Filing solutions for corporate taxpayers. They went the extra mile to understand business needs and practices in corporate tax filing in order to develop a product that could meet the needs of corporate taxpayers. 29% of companies e-Filed following the launch of Form C e-Filing, far exceeding the initial target of 15%.

Form C efiling

From left to right: Christina Low, Belinda Leong, Lim Chiew Tuck, Alan Chua, Chan Kok Yong, Richard Goh, Chong-Gan Kim Choo, Lim Mei Hui
(Not in picture: Jess See, Ng Simin, Tan Ee Ling, Tay Ang Sim)

"It takes less than 20 minutes to complete the e-filing of Form C, which is considered to be the simplest among other countries thus far. And also, help is always around to provide valuable assistance for anyone who e-files the tax. I give the highest rating for this e-filing and the help line that are provided by our tax regulatory body ." - Taxpayer 


This cross-divisional team developed a comprehensive and interactive e-Filing demo to give IRAS officers hands-on experience in navigating the filing system so that they would be better able to serve taxpayers. The increased familiarity with the system allowed officers to provide quick and good service to the near 200,000 taxpayers who required assistance during the YA2015 income tax filing season.


From left to right: Cheryl Jo Tan, Soh Jack Shen, Julieana Elias, Chong Min Fong, Neo Ee Ling, Fiona Ho, Kate Lim

"The demo is useful because it allows us to see the exact same screen taxpayers are looking at, instead of screenshots which are non-interactive and we may not be able to assist taxpayers if they were to deviate from our screenshots." - IRAS Officer

  "Object to Assessment" e-Service

The team aimed to offer a seamless experience for taxpayers to file objections. Through this e-service, most taxpayers would receive a revised assessment within 3 working days or a response within 10 working days rather than 14 working days for a complete resolution of their tax issue.

More than 2,000 taxpayers submitted their objections successfully for YA2015 via the e-Service from Jul to Dec 2015.  

Object to Assessment

From left to right: Ivy Lim, Jameela Abdul Rasheed, Nur Hafiza Ab Hamid, Goh Swee Leong, Munirah Begum Abdullah, Koh Han Liat, Au Hui Yan, Tan Poh Geok, Teo-Tay Siew Lan, Cheryl Jo Tan, Sundarason Soocelaraj