Deterring Non-Compliance

The vast majority of our taxpayers declare their taxes accurately. For the minority who are non-compliant, IRAS take steps to ensure that they pay their fair share of taxes.

We continued to strengthen our compliance capabilities to detect and prevent non-compliance by applying advanced analytics techniques in our compliance work, including audit selection and fraud detection, and carried out rigorous audits and investigations on taxpayers suspected of wrongdoing in their tax affairs.

In FY2016/17, our tax audit and investigation teams uncovered a total of 10,626 non-compliant cases and recovered about S$332 million in taxes and penalties. We recovered more than S$20 million from the 120 cases investigated.

Focus audit areas and industries included Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) claims, travel agencies and ticketing agents, medical practitioners, large businesses and checks on businesses’ display of GSTinclusive prices to the public.