Engaging the Community

We strive to better understand the evolving needs of taxpayers by engaging them and acting on their feedback. We also partner and engage key stakeholders in the community, such as tax intermediaries and trade associations, to encourage tax compliance.

Sharing Economy Association (Singapore) (SEAS)

We reached out to the SEAS and other trade associations to better help their members comply with tax obligations.

Service Design Projects for Individual and Residential Property Taxpayers  

We completed service design projects for individual and residential property taxpayers. Personalised videos were sent to about 10,000 taxpayers explaining their property tax before they received their valuation notice.

Taxpayer Feedback Panel

TFP 2016

The Taxpayer Feedback Panel (TFP) comprises representatives from a wide spectrum of local businesses, industries and trade associations. Through TFP, we keep our industry partners updated on new initiatives and major tax developments, while garnering their feedback. The following topics were discussed at the TFP dialogue sessions held in FY2016/17:

  • Helping businesses switch to e-Filing Corporate Income Tax
  • GST treatment of prompt payment discounts
  • Engaging property taxpayers: 2017 & beyond
  • Object to Assessment e-service for individual taxpayers

IRAS Hackathon 2016

Hackathon 2016

We kicked off the inaugural IRAS Hackathon with a pre-Hackathon workshop on 30 Aug 2016, during which close to 130 members of the public gathered to gain tax knowledge from IRAS speakers.

The actual Hackathon event took place from 2-4 Sep 2016, with over 70 participants co-creating with IRAS to brainstorm and build prototypes to create a taxpayer-centred experience for SMEs, self-employed and individual taxpayers. At the end of the Hackathon, 19 teams presented their prototypes to a panel of judges.