Charting Ahead

Facilitating Enterprise and Inclusive Growth

Amidst a rapidly changing global environment, IRAS will continue to proactively review and formulate tax policies to promote enterprise and enhance the competitiveness and progressivity of our tax regime. We will support the Government’s drive for inclusive growth through the administration of national productivity and assistance schemes. We will also step up our international engagement efforts to raise Singapore’s international standing and to broaden and deepen our international connections.

Collaborating with Taxpayers and Stakeholders

Riding on our strong partnership, we will collaborate and co-create services with our taxpayers and stakeholders. We will customise information and ensure the delivery of a consistent taxpayer-centred experience at all times. We strive to make taxpaying so convenient by integrating tax seamlessly into taxpayers’ life events or natural systems and in so doing, minimise compliance costs.

Maximising Voluntary Compliance

We will work with the community to shape social norms that embrace the value of taxpaying to ensure a high level of voluntary compliance in the long run. At the same time, we will put in efforts to provide targeted compliance treatments and take firm actions against non-compliance for maximum deterrence effect.

Enhancing Productivity

In line with our transformation efforts, we will leverage smart and agile IT systems to facilitate the delivery of excellent service and optimise the effectiveness of our compliance efforts. We will make better use of data and embed analytics into our processes and systems to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Beyond IRAS, we will continue to work closely with other government agencies to support Whole-of-Government outcomes.

Developing a Highly Competent, Empowered and Future Ready Team

Recognising that people are the single most important factor in any organisation’s success, we will continue to ensure that our staff remain engaged and proud to be in IRAS. We will equip them with the capabilities necessary to excel in a digital workplace and inculcate a strong culture of innovation and experimentation so that they feel empowered and ready to face the future ahead.