Cultivating Talent and Nurturing Potential

Mia KaiWe believe that our people are at the heart of IRAS’ transformation journey, and that they play a crucial role in achieving our vision. We nurture and develop our people to support this belief. Two colleagues share their developmental paths in IRAS thus far.

Mr Yap Mia Kai, Director of the Infocomm Technology Planning Branch, is involved in the planning, designing and delivering of Infocomm Technology (IT) capabilities in IRAS. “As the world gets transformed by technology, effectively leveraging IT capabilities has become increasingly critical in helping IRAS become the leading tax administrator in the world. Therefore, I am cognizant of how my role plays a part in helping IRAS achieve its vision,” says Mia Kai.

Mia Kai has witnessed how IT has been a powerful enabler in IRAS during his 13 years with IRAS. “Having easy access to data and information has become so natural that people may forget how it has made all of us more effective workers”. Mia Kai added. “The fact that the majority of tax forms get processed today without human intervention shows how much IT has increased organisational productivity. We achieved what we have today through forward planning and years of effort and must sustain our momentum by doing things “smarter” (e.g. with analytics), and more effectively (e.g. streamlined processes).”

Mia Kai's next task includes guiding a team to architect IRAS’ next generation IT system. On a daily basis, he and his team work hard to bring together inputs from the rest of the organisation, as well as explore how they can leverage new technologies and concepts to achieve the organisation’s vision. One example is the recently launched IRAS Application Programming Interface (API) Marketplace, a digital collaboration platform that facilitates co-creation of solutions with the wider community.

Having been posted to various work teams in the Infocomm Division, Mia Kai adapts quickly to new situations, and draws from learning opportunities offered in his past experiences.

Mia Kai is excited about what IRAS’ next generation IT system would have to offer, and looks forward to working with his team of passionate and technically strong officers to create something that will lift IRAS to greater heights.


Ms Fung Ai Wei was part of a project team that gathered useful insights from taxpayers and staff, revealing taxpayers’ latent desire for convenience, control and certainty – these led to a proposed redesigned filing process for individuals.

Now a Senior Tax Officer at the Valuation and Stamp Duty Branch, Ai Wei is involved in implementing key property tax initiatives that were born out of service design including going paperless for annual residential property bills. Driven by design and data, these initiatives are user-centric and would form part of the redefined experience for taxpayers.

When Ai Wei first joined IRAS in 2013, she was posted to the Corporate Tax Division where the technical work is vastly different from the Property Tax work she does today. Says Ai Wei of embracing these transitions and challenges, “When the opportunity arose to join Property Tax Division, I welcomed the exposure as my Corporate Tax experience could bring synergies and value-add to the Property Tax Division.” Indeed, Ai Wei’s thoughts were affirmed when she was involved in the stamp duty review of share transfers in propertyholding entities. With customised stamp duty training by a legal practitioner and on-the-job exposure, Ai Wei was able to get herself up to speed with the technical knowledge. “I enjoy policy rationalisation and formulating guiding principles that would ensure consistency in our tax treatment – this aspect of work stretches my critical thinking and ability to simplify complex ideas.”

Ai Wei feels challenged in her daily work and apart from technical work, she derives a great sense of satisfaction from involvement in corporate activities such as organising the Dinner and Dance for IRAS Staff and performing with IRAS’ Dance Team at various corporate events.

Having been given the opportunity to try out different areas of work, Ai Wei is a role model to many IRAS staff to cross-train in multi-disciplines across tax types, policy work, process review, etc.