Connecting Tax Software Providers and Tax Agents with IRAS’ Digital Solutions: API/ EVN

Our digital solutions make filing of the Corporate Income Tax Returns (Form C-S/ C) easier and more convenient for tax professionals and companies.

Key partners in IRAS’ strategy to leverage technology to make filing more seamless

Tax agents and tax software providers are IRAS’ key partners in the use of technology to make tax filing more seamless and convenient. Over the years, IRAS has collaborated with tax agents and tax software providers to develop and leverage different digital solutions to enhance the filing experiences for them and their clients. The External Value Network (EVN) was first developed for tax agents to submit Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) and Form C seamlessly over secured platforms. Recently, IRAS partnered tax software providers to enable seamless filing of Form C-S via the Application Programming Interface (API). These solutions have simplified the tax filing process for our partners and helped them achieve greater productivity gains.

Tax Agents

To date, five tax agent firms have successfully integrated with IRAS’ system to submit their clients' ECI and Form C via a secure dedicated network known as the External Value Network (EVN).  

Tax agent firms in alphabetical order:

           EY Logo (Compressed)


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  • RSM Tax Pte Ltd  

       RSM Logo (Compressed)


    Tax Software Providers

    To date, some tax software providers have successfully connected with IRAS’ system to enable the submission of the Form C-S via the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The APIs are software intermediaries which allow users to submit the Form C-S directly to IRAS from the tax software. This eliminates the need for users to log onto myTax Portal to input the tax figures manually, in turn reducing transposition errors and improving the accuracy of the data submitted to IRAS.

    More tax software providers will be listed progressively when their solutions are enhanced with the seamless filing capabilities. 

    Other than tax agents and tax software providers, IRAS has also partnered accounting software providers to enable their users to submit the Form C-S directly to IRAS using the API technology.

    For more information, please refer to Using Accounting Software to Prepare and File Form C-S Seamlessly.

    The above tax software are provided by third party vendors that are not associated with IRAS. If you wish to use the solution, you should do so based on independent consideration and exercise reasonable care. IRAS shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising from or in connection with your use of or reliance on the solution.