CPF Data Link-up Service

Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) employers who subscribe to the CPF Data Link-up Service will find it easier to prepare and submit their employees' income information to IRAS electronically. The CPF Data Link-up Service enables IRAS to obtain CPF data of employees who are NRIC holders and pre-fill them in myTax Portal for employers to submit to IRAS.

How does the CPF Data Link-up Service work?

IRAS will obtain employees' data for the period Jan to Dec 2018 if:

  • the data has been e-Submitted to CPF Board using the CPF e-Submit@web via Employee Database by 14 Jan 2019; and
  • the CPF Submission No. (CSN) is 'PTE' account type.

If your organisation uses different CPF Submission Number (CSN) with the same UEN (e.g. 12345678A-PTE-01 and 12345678A-PTE-02, etc.) to submit your monthly CPF, all the employees information under the respective CSNs will be pre-filled in myTax Portal under the same UEN.

For each employee, the monthly data will be summed up for the whole year and displayed in Submit Employment Income Records at myTax Portal by 1 Feb 2019.

What do employers need to do under the CPF Data Link-up Service?

Employers just need to access Submit Employment Income Records at myTax Portal to:

  • Verify employees' personal particulars, income and deduction amounts;
  • Adjust Ordinary and Additional Wages to Salary, Bonus and Other Income if necessary;
  • Add relevant information not obtained from CPF Board (e.g. Director's Fees, Foreign employees' income information, etc.) and allowable deductions (e.g. donations to Community Chest, and Yayasan Mendaki Fund, Contributions to Mosque Building Fund); and
  • Submit to IRAS electronically by 1 Mar.

Employees' data that will be obtained from CPF Board

The type of employees' data (520 KB) obtained is dependent on how you submit your employees' monthly CPF contributions to CPF Board.

More information on the CPF submission modes is available at CPF Board website.

Signing up for the CPF Data Link-up Service

The CPF Data Link-up Service registration for Year of Assessment (YA) 2019 is closed. Registration for YA 2020 will begin from 1 Apr 2019 to 31 Dec 2019.

The employer's staff who has been authorised as the Approver (excluding third party, e.g. tax agents) can view this e-Service and register.

1. Staff with Approver role to login to myTax Portal,
2. Select 'Employers' >'Submit Employment Income Records', and
3. Click 'Proceed to Register' at the CPF Data Link-up Service section.



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