Bulk Extension for Filing of Individual Income Tax Returns for YA 2018

IRAS will allow one common bulk extension date of 30 Jun 2018 for all tax agents to file your clients’ individual income tax returns for Year of Assessment (YA) 2018. Tax agents are advised to adhere to the extended due date strictly as no further extension will be granted. You have to plan your resource requirements accordingly to meet this due date.

How to Request Bulk Extension

 Tax agents have to provide a list of your clients to IRAS by 31 Mar 2018. Please use the excel template to submit your request to IRAS via email at bulkreq@iras.gov.sg between 1 Feb and 31 Mar 2018. Requests via other mail boxes, post or fax will not be accepted.

Failure to File Returns by the Extended Due Date

Where returns are not received by the extended due date (30 Jun 2018), estimated assessments will be issued. Penalties will also be imposed for late filing.

How to Obtain a Paper Copy (Duplicate) of the Tax Return for YA 2018

To obtain a paper tax return (duplicate) for your clients, please email to IRAS at fc@iras.gov.sg. Requests via other email boxes, post or fax will not be accepted.

Photocopied / Faxed / Scanned Copy of Tax Returns

IRAS will not accept photocopied / faxed or scanned copy of the tax returns. A tax return is a statutory declaration which must bear the original signature of the taxpayer.

Not Ordinarily Resident (NOR) Scheme Applications

All NOR applications must be submitted together with the tax returns by the extended due date (30 Jun 2018). For clearance cases where your clients had ceased employment in 2017, the application form for NOR concession for YA 2018 must also reach IRAS by 30 Jun 2018. Late applications will not be accepted.


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