Defer Tax Payment for Individual Income Tax


For All Non-Self Employed Persons

If you have income tax payment due on or before 31 Jul 2020 and you are not paying by GIRO, you may sign up for this deferment option here by 31 Jul 2020. Only one application is needed.

If you are paying by GIRO and would like to ease your cash flow, find out more on how you can apply for alternative payment arrangements.

Once your request to defer the payment is approved, this arrangement supersedes any due date indicated on your tax bill (NOA) or SMS.

This deferment does not apply to non-Singapore citizen employees who have sought tax clearance and employees of foreign employers.

Illustration on how the deferment works

Current Payment Due DatePayment Due Date if your income tax is deferred

20 May 2020

20 Aug 2020

15 Jun 2020

15 Sep 2020

23 Jul 2020

23 Oct 2020