Verifying the Authenticity of Stamp Certificate

Stamp Certificate will be issued once the payment for Stamp Duty is successful. To verify the authenticity of a Stamp Certificate, log in to the e-Stamping website. 

Details in Authentic Stamp Certificates

You will receive an authentic Stamp Certificate issued by IRAS once your Stamp Duty payment is successful.

The Stamp Certificate contains the following information:

  1. Document Reference Number issued by IRAS
  2. Stamp Certificate Reference Number issued by IRAS
  3. Document description
  4. Property address (where applicable)
  5. Amount of Stamp Duty paid 
  6. Names of parties to the document

With the e-Stamping System, you can perform an online check on the authenticity of the Stamp Certificate given by a third party (e.g. your lawyer or agent).

Samples of Authentic Stamp Certificates

Online Verification of Stamp Certificates

Information RequiredSteps
  1. Document Reference Number
  2. Stamp Certificate Reference Number

The above are printed in the Stamp Certificate

Go to e-Stamping website


Click on Verify Stamp Certificate Authenticity 


Select 'I Agree' to the Registration Terms and Conditions


Enter the information required and click on 'Submit'


Details Displayed Upon Verification

The following details are displayed on screen:

  1. Certificate of Stamp Duty
  2. Stamp Certificate General Information
  3. Property / Stock and Shares Details 
  4. Stamp Duty Charges

Contact Us

Please attach a copy of your Stamp Certificate and email us at or call us immediately at 1800 460 4923 if:

  1. The information displayed on screen is different from what is printed on the Stamp Certificate or
  2. The Document Reference Number or Stamp Certificate Reference Number does not exist in the e-Stamping System