How do I Retrieve My Stamp Certificate

Retrieving your Stamp Certificate is simple through the following modes. 

How do I Retrieve My Stamp Certificate


Trace Transaction

Retrieve and print your Stamp Certificate after payment of stamp duty by cheque has been cleared.

Payment Transaction Id

a. Allows you to retrieve:

  • Merchant Reference Code - For payment by eNETS
  • Transaction Id - For payment by NETS
  • Payment Slip Number - For payment by cheque or cashier's order

b. You need this number to trace your transaction (see point 1)

Assessment List (only for Registered Users)

Allows Registered Users to retrieve their documents that are stamped to print the Stamp Certificate.

Reprint Stamp Certificate

Enables you to print your Stamp Certificate again

Amend Stamp Certificate (only for Registered Users)

Allows Registered Users to amend errors and print the Stamp Certificate immediately

(Amendment is only allowed once and limited to one field1)

Correspondence Inbox (only for Registered Users)

Registered Users will receive a notification in their Welcome Page, which is a link to their inbox to retrieve and print their Stamp Certificate

Verify the authenticity of your Stamp Certificate

To do an online verification on the authenticity of any Stamp Certificate

1These fields are Name of Parties, Identity Number, Block/ House Number, Level-Unit, Document Description and Applicant's Reference Number.

A User Guide is also available if you need references to retrieve your Stamp Certificate using the different modes.