Purchase of HDB Flats and new Executive Condominium (EC) Units

ABSD remission is applicable to the purchase of an HDB flat or a new EC unit if the remission conditions are met. Remission is granted automatically upon approval of purchase by HDB.  Buyers do not need to submit a separate application to IRAS or HDB.

Conditions for Remission

  1. For the purchase of an HDB flat or a new EC unit, ABSD is fully remitted if the purchaser or any of the joint purchasers is a Singapore Citizen.
  2. For the purchase of an HDB flat by Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs), the remission is granted such that lower ABSD rate of 5% is payable.
  3. For the purchase of a replacement HDB flat by SPRs whose original flat was acquired by HDB under the Selective En-Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS), ABSD is fully remitted.
  4. For the purchase of the recess area directly from HDB under the Sale of Recess Area Scheme administered by HDB, ABSD is fully remitted. This remission of ABSD on purchases of HDB recess area takes effect on or after 18 Jan 2016.


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