Annual Average Rates of Exchange 2012

The following are the annual average rates of exchange of some foreign currencies for the year 2012. These rates were computed based on monthly average rates supplied by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The rates are to be used for purposes of tax assessment where the actual rates of conversion are not furnished.

The average rate of exchange for any particular year is the sum total of the end-of-month rate for the year divided by 12.

Foreign Currencies S$ Per Currency Unit
Australian Dollar 1.2931
Canadian Dollar 1.2469
Chinese Renminbi 0.1975
Danish Kroner 0.2157
Euro 1.6095
Filipino Peso 0.0296
Hong Kong Dollar 0.1606
Indian Rupee 0.0233
Indonesian Rupiah 0.0001
Japanese Yen 0.0156
Korean Won 0.0011
Kuwaiti Dinar 4.4537
Lebanese Pound 0.0008
Malaysian Ringgit 0.4039
New Taiwan Dollar 0.0422
New Zealand Dollar 1.0133
Norwegian Kroner 0.2148
Pound Sterling 1.9827
Saudi Arabian Riyal 0.3321
Special Drawing Rights 1.9091
Swedish Kroner 0.1854
Swiss Franc 1.3364
Thai Baht 0.0401
US Dollar 1.2454