Internet Banking for Stamp Duty


Internet Banking for Stamp Duty

IRAS Bank account details are as follows:

 Payee: Commissioner of Inland Revenue
 Account Type: DBS Current Account
 Account No.: 0010468600
 DBS Bank Code:001


Print the payment slip from the e-Stamping Portal. To make payment via Internet Banking Fund Transfer, indicate the 14-digit Payment Slip Number (omit Spaces) in the Beneficiary Reference/ Purpose of Payment/ Remittance Information/ Payment Details field (e.g. 01801234567890). Please provide the correct information to avoid delay in the processing and posting of the payment.

Each payment made can only contain one payment slip. Do not make lump sum payment of multiple payment slips.

Processing of Payment

Payment via fund transfer will be posted to the respective Document Reference Number within two working days. Once the payment is cleared, a notification to download the Stamp Certificate will be sent to your email address provided.

For retrieval of your stamp Certificate, please refer to How do I retrieve my Stamp Certificate.


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