e-Services Authorisation System (EASY)

Businesses to use CorpPass to transact with IRAS from 1 Sep 2018

From 1 Sep 2018, CorpPass will be the only login method on myTax Portal and e-Stamping. The e-Services Authorisation System (EASY) will no longer be available.

EASY records as at 24 Jul 2018 will be migrated to CorpPass for your validation. Any changes to the EASY records after 24 Jul 2018 will not be reflected in CorpPass.

Limited functions in EASY (Not applicable for IRAS' digital services and Jobs Bank Employer e-Services)

As part of transitioning from EASY to CorpPass, with effect from 13 Sep 2017, the EASY functions will be limited to deletion of existing authorisation for staff/third party access to other government digital services. The limited functions are not application for IRAS' digital services and Jobs Bank Employer e-Services.


Name & Description of e-Service Information Needed Estimated Submission and/or Processing Time


e-Services Authorisation System (EASY) is an online system which allows organisations to authorise their employees or a third party to access e-Services on their behalf.

Guides/ FAQ 

  1. Your tax reference number (e.g. NRIC / FIN number)
  2. Your SingPass or IRAS PIN
  3. Your organisation tax reference number (e.g. 200312345A or 52912345A)
  4. e-Service Access Code


It will take you about 5-10 minutes to authorise your staff or third party.