e-Submission of Donation

Under e-Submission of Donation, all approved Institutions of a Public Character, including Grantmakers and Government agencies submit electronically the tax-deductible donation information of their donors to IRAS. The submitted tax-deductible donation information will be automatically included in the donors’ income tax assessments by IRAS.  

For Who

All approved Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs), including Grantmakers under the Double Tax Deduction Scheme (DTD) and Government Agencies that receive tax-deductible donations are required to submit the tax-deductible donation information of their donors to IRAS via e-Submission of Donation.

All donors (individuals, businesses, companies etc.) are required to provide their Tax Reference Numbers (NRIC No./FIN/UEN) to the IPCs, Grantmakers and Government agencies in order for tax deduction to be automatically given for their donations. Donors do not need to make a separate claim for tax deduction on their donations when they file their income tax returns.

Authorise Staff

Prepare Information for Submission


When and How to Submit File

The submission commences on 2 Jan and the due date is on 31 Jan every year. IPCs/ Grantmakers are encouraged to submit earlier so that your donors can view their donation information online when they log in to file their tax return.


For other details on e-Submission of Donation, refer to our FAQs (PDF, 298KB).