Record Donation Information and Prepare File for Submission 

IPCs and Grantmakers can prepare the file for submission by using ipcLink Application or their own customised software by ensuring it complies with the submission file format. 

Using ipcLink Application Provided by IRAS

ipcLink is an offline application downloadable from myTax Portal at IRAS website. It allows user to record tax-deductible donation details and generate the file for submission to IRAS. Only authorised persons can download application and submit donation file to IRAS.  Authorisation is to be done via e-Services Authorisation System (EASY). Learn to authorise staff to access e-Submission of Donation via EASY (1.17MB)  

In using ipcLink, it is the responsibility of IPCs and Grantmakers to take appropriate steps to protect and secure the passwords, information, software and equipment. Access to ipcLInk should only be given to authorised persons due to the donors' confidential information .

Learn to 

Using customised software

IPCs may use their customised software to record donation details. However, the file generated from your software must be in either of the following formats:  

File format   Samples
  File specification in Text(.txt) (0.14MB)     Sample of txt file (2KB) 
 File specification in Comma delimited (.csv) (0.49MB)    Sample of csv file (1KB) 

 All IPCs and Grantmakers are required to validate the files generated from their customised software using the Donation Offline Validation Program (OVP). Data errors in the files will be flagged out for rectification.

Learn to download and use OVP (2.14MB)

IPCs using customised software to generate submission file for the first time, have to ensure that the file complies with the submission format by generating a test file and validate using OVP. The validated test file must be emailed to for verification.

Hardware and software requirement for ipcLink and Offline Validation Program (OVP)

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8/ 8.1
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0
  • Minimum 350 MB of free hard disk space (600MB recommended)


For other details on Record Donation Information and Prepare File for Submission, please refer to our FAQs (0.48MB).