How to Obtain a Paper Copy (Duplicate) of the Tax Return for YA 2022?


To obtain a paper tax return (duplicate) for your clients, please email us. Requests sent to other email boxes or by post will not be accepted.

View DIN of Individual Tax Forms


If you are filing the Form B1 (paper form) using the IRAS softcopy of the Form B1 template for your clients, you must quote the Document Identification Number (DIN) and the Internal Code on the Form B1. You can conduct single or multiple searches for the DIN via myTax Portal.


You may login to myTax Portal using your Corppass.

Photocopied / Scanned Copies of Tax Returns


IRAS will not accept photocopied or scanned copies of tax returns. A tax return is a statutory declaration which must bear the original signature of the taxpayer.

Not Ordinarily Resident (NOR) Scheme Applications


All NOR applications must be submitted together with the tax returns by 30 Jun 2022. For clearance cases where the client ceased employment in 2021, the application form for NOR concession for YA 2022 must also reach IRAS by 30 Jun 2022. Late applications will not be accepted.