Stamp Duty Survey 2022

IRAS is conducting a survey to gain an in-depth understanding of taxpayers' satisfaction with stamp duty services and obtain feedback on rules, policies and processes relating to stamp duty.

From 22 December 2021, email invitations will be sent to randomly selected taxpayers or agents dealing with stamp duty matters. The survey link will be provided in the email and the survey will close on 14 January 2022.

Respondents can indicate in the survey their interest to participate in a follow-up focus group discussion, which will be scheduled in February 2022. 

Will my response to the Stamp Duty Survey be kept anonymous?

All responses received will be kept strictly confidential and reported on an aggregated basis. Individuals will not be identified in the findings of the study.

Who should I contact with regards to the survey?

If you have any queries on the survey, please contact [email protected].

We hope that the findings from the survey would provide us greater insights on how we may partner the community in nation-building and inclusive growth.