In line with the Government’s push to encourage electronic payment (“e-payment”) to enhance convenience and efficiency for citizens and businesses, IRAS has introduced FAST payment for conveyancing stamp duties.

FAST payment allows the instantaneous payment of up to $200,000 of stamp duties and the immediate issuance of the stamp certificate. It will replace cheques as the primary mode of stamp duty payment.

As law firms play an important role in helping property buyers and sellers fulfill their stamp duty obligations, including advising them on the appropriate mode of payment and payment due date, we are featuring the top 5 law firms which have supported the FAST payment initiative. The ranking will be based on the number of FAST payments made by the firm’s clients in the preceding calendar quarter and the list will be refreshed on the 15th of the subsequent calendar quarter.

Top 5 law firms based on number of FAST payments

This refers to law firms which had the most number of clients who paid their conveyancing stamp duties via FAST during the calendar quarter.  

  1. AT Law Practice LLP

  2. LawHub LLC

  3. Central Chambers Law Corporation


  4. Anthony Law Corporation

  5. PKWA Law Practice LLC



How would IRAS know if the person who paid via FAST is a client of my firm?

Based on the Document Reference Number (DRN), IRAS is able to determine which law firm did the e-stamping for the client who paid via FAST.

What is the basis period for determining the rankings?

The rankings will be based on the payments made in the preceding calendar quarter. The calendar quarters are January to March, April to June, July to September, and October to December. So, for the April ranking, it would be based on payments made from 1 January till 31 March.

Why are the rankings only refreshed on the 15th of the month after each calendar quarter?

As the statistics are compiled based on the payments made in the preceding calendar quarter, time is needed to compile the statistics to determine the ranking.