IRAS holds various engagement sessions with the industry through our Digital Partnerships outreach events. These meetups create opportunities for active exchanges of initiatives and sharing of future plans, to develop and co-create future digital solutions that redefines experiences for taxpayers.

Fostering partnerships and collaborations

IRAS is interested in collaborating with our digital partners who share a common vision of a vibrant digital ecosystem to benefit citizens and businesses. IRAS seeks to foster meaningful partnerships and to plan ahead together, by sharing the latest initiatives and developments line-ups for the creation of value and opportunities for our digital partners.

Past meetups and highlights

See some of our past engagements:

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1Digital Partners Meet 2019
Digital Partners Meet
up 2019:
Planning ahead with
our Digital Partners
  • Integrated and Inclusive Call for API-Enabled Solutions
  • IRAS API Roadmap
  • WOG Collaboration
  • Future plans
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2Digital Partners Meet 2018
Digital Partners Meet
up 2018
  • More Opportunities for Industry to Support API Solutions
  • Panel Discussion
  • Future plans
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Hope to see you for our next partnership engagement event!