GIRO (General Interbank Recurring Order) is the preferred method of payment. Majority of taxpayers use GIRO for tax payment.

Benefits of GIRO

GIRO arrangement for Corporate Tax

The number of instalments granted to the company for the current year of assessment depends on the promptness in filing its Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI).

No instalment arrangement will be granted for back year taxes. 

Tax payable on first ECI e-Filed within No. of Instalments Given (Notes 1 to 3)
1 month from financial year end 10
2 months from financial year end 8
3 months from financial year end 6
After 3 months from financial year end No instalments allowed

1. The instalment plan is subject to a minimum monthly GIRO deduction amount of $50.
2. The first few instalments may be combined and deducted on the first GIRO deduction date, depending on the date of filing of ECI.
3. IRAS may vary the instalment plan for companies that file revised ECIs.

e-File by 26th of each qualifying month to enjoy the maximum number of instalments allowable for each month.

GIRO application

(Recommended) Master GIRO Application Form (PDF, 978KB)

A Master GIRO allows you to pay your Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax and/or Property Tax by completing one GIRO application form. You need to use your own bank account when signing up for Master GIRO.

Corporate Tax Application Form (PDF, 3.98MB)

(For taxpayers not using own bank account to sign up for GIRO)

  Reactivate GIRO v2

Re-activate now via myTax Portal

Use a Different Bank Account for my Existing GIRO Arrangement

  • Submit a new GIRO application
  • Revised payment plan will be sent once application is processed
  • Log in to myTax Portal to view payment plan details (Select "Account">View Payment Plan")

Terminate my GIRO Arrangement

  • Contact your bank directly
  • Settle any outstanding tax immediately to avoid late payment penalty

Change my Plan Type (e.g. monthly instalment to one-time deduction)

Request to Extend Payment Plan

Electronic Payment Modes

Telegraphic Transfer

Telegraphic Transfer is only for payments from overseas where the payment modes listed above are not applicable.