Mr Ng Wai Choong


Ms Quek Su Lynn

Deputy Commissioner & Assistant Commissioner (Covering)Individual Group, Individual Income Tax Division

Ms Chiam Yah Fang

Deputy CommissionerBusiness GroupChief Compliance Officer

Mrs Chia-Tern Huey Min

Deputy CommissionerInternational, Investigation and Indirect Taxes Group

Mr Ong Joon Lim Wilson

Deputy CommissionerCorporate and Services Group

Ms Ang Shi Yun Angela

Assistant CommissionerTaxpayer Services DivisionQuality Service Manager

Ms Chow Wai Yee

Assistant CommissionerCorporate Tax Division

Ms Loh Lee Kim

Assistant CommissionerSmall Business Division (Designate)

Mr Robin Ng Sy Horng

Assistant CommissionerCompliance Strategy and Insights Division

Ms Lio Ee Min Evelyn

Assistant CommissionerInternational Tax and Relations Division

Mr Lawrence Eng Hung Boon

Assistant CommissionerInvestigation and Forensics Division

Mr Andy Seah Yong Luck

Assistant CommissionerGoods and Services Tax Division

Mr Wang Teck Leng

Assistant CommissionerProperty Tax Division

Mr Au Yong Wei Li Joel

Assistant CommissionerRevenue and Corporate Services Division

Ms Tan Jek Swan

Assistant CommissionerEnforcement Division

Ms Evelyn Khoo Lay Sian

Assistant CommissionerCorporate Development Division / Valuation Projects

Mr Tang Siau Yan

Chief Legal OfficerLaw Division

Ms Tang Wai Yee

Assistant CommissionerInfocomm Division