Company representatives who are responsible for the preparation and filing of the GST F5/F7/F8 and other GST matters are encouraged to watch the e-learning videos.

e-Learning Videos on the Basics of GST

  1. Overview of GST (4h) [Compulsory to attend for voluntary registrants]
  2. Registering for GST (12m 49s)
  3. Filing of GST Return (7m 37s)
  4. Common GST Errors on Input Tax:
    UPDATES – Since the publication of this series of videos, please take note of the following changes affecting input tax claims:
    • Changes to the input tax claiming rules for medical expenses and the cost and running expenses incurred on motor cars; and
    • The increase of GST rate from 7% to 8% with effect from 1 Jan 2023.
  5. Do keep these in mind when watching this series of videos on Common Input Tax Errors.

  6. Common GST Errors on Output Tax:

e-Learning Videos relating to Rate Change

  1. Preparing for GST rate change on 1 Jan 2023 [For GST-registered entities] (40m)
  2. Should Your Business Register for GST? [For non-GST registered entities] (48m 44s)

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