Increasingly, citizens and businesses are adopting digital solutions to manage their day-to-day events and operations, as well as raise productivity and drive business outcomes.

IRAS is interested in collaborating and co-creating with software developers to develop meaningful solutions that make fulfilling tax obligations easy, and in turn, deliver better customer experiences. Specifically, we are interested in solutions that help to integrate tax seamlessly into customers’ natural systems through the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Some opportunity areas we are looking at include:

  1. Tax management
  2. Pre-filing and submission of tax forms
  3. Exchange of tax-related data


Our vision

A future where digital solutions that facilitate tax compliance are delivered through the community and intermediaries enabled by IRAS. We will deliver customer-centric experiences together with like-minded partners, contributing to a vibrant tax ecosystem that is responsive to evolving customer needs.


What this means for software developers

We are convinced that the range and complexity of the functions which digital solutions are expected to perform will grow over time. Engagement with the industry is therefore important, to understand the impact of technology and policy changes on your solutions and your clients; as well as signal what is to come. Co-developing solutions together would also help us focus on the right customer needs, and ensure that your applications work well with IRAS’ systems.

IRAS is playing a more proactive role to reach out to the software industry to share our vision for the future of tax:

  1. We will crowdsource ideas from the industry, and gather your feedback on what APIs we should develop to integrate tax seamlessly into taxpayers’ natural systems.
  2. Embark on relevant Proof-of-Concept (POC) projects together with you.
  3. Provide timely updates on upcoming changes that may impact you or the users of your digital solutions.


IRAS API Marketplace

The IRAS API Marketplace is a portal dedicated to you, software developers. We believe that your experience is key to the adoption and success for the wider ecosystem through IRAS API integration. Here you will find sample codes and interface specifications to help you integrate with IRAS, as well as discuss ideas that would shape future digital solutions.

Areas for collaboration

We welcome interested developers to:

  • Explore the APIs currently available on IRAS API marketplace: and indicate your interest to integrate with IRAS APIs by filling up this form
  • Discuss possible business cases and share with us what other APIs you would like to see by filling up this form (takes approximately 5 mins to fill up)


Digital Ecosystem Partnership Team

The Digital Ecosystem Partnership Team is the first point of contact for the software developer community and IRAS. We will coordinate and facilitate IRAS’ engagement with you to collaborate and co-create future digital solutions together.


Contact us

We look forward to developing more industry-relevant APIs, together with like-minded software developers, platform providers/ intermediaries (e.g. online marketplace), and partners.

If you have questions or would like to discuss collaboration opportunities, please contact the team at [email protected].