1. How can I file my taxes for clubs and association?

Please file the Year of Assessment 2024 tax return on-line via FormSG at https://go.gov.sg/formp1ya2024 (requires Corppass authentication *) or download the excel copy of the Form P1, and follow the instructions within the file to complete and submit the Form by 15 Apr 2024. From the Year of Assessment 2024, physical copy of Form P1 will longer be issued.

If you need to file the tax returns for Years of Assessment prior 2024, please access the Forms for back years and follow the instructions within to complete and submit the Form.

* Please ensure that you are duly authorised for the "IRAS FormSG (Corppass)" digital service in Corppass.

2. What is FormSG?

FormSG is an Open Government Product developed by GovTech. It is a secure platform to conveniently submit information to government agencies. Find out more about FormSG here.

3. Why is IRAS using FormSG for e-filing?

FormSG e-filing is an interim solution to provide e-filing to bodies of persons filing Form P1, as well as executors, administrators and trustees filing Form T, as IRAS is currently developing the e-filing solution within myTax Portal. myTax Portal e-filing for Form P1 and Form T is expected to be completed by 2027.

4. What is the tax rate for bodies of persons?

Bodies of persons are taxable at the same tax rate as a company, which is 17%.

Learn more about how to compute your taxes. 

5. My club or similar institution is not-for-profit. Why are we still being taxed?

Although clubs and similar associations are formed for non-profit purposes, they may still derive income from their operations or from other sources. Where the club is not deemed to be carrying on a business, any profits from the operations will not be subject to income tax. Income from other sources, such as rental income and interest income will still be subject to tax. 

If your club or similar institution is formed for charitable purposes, you may wish to register it as a charity with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). A charity registered under the Charities Act 1994 is exempt from income tax. 

6. I intend to set up a club for charitable purposes. Do I still need to register with the Registry of Societies?

Please visit https://www.mha.gov.sg/mha-e-services/ros/registered-societies or enquire with the Registry of Societies directly for the requirements on registration of societies.

7. Can I claim capital allowances?

If you are deemed to be carrying on a business, you may claim capital allowances on qualifying capital allowances under the Income Tax Act 1947.

If you are not deemed to be carrying on a business, capital allowances will not be applicable, as the income derived from the operations are not taxable.

8. How can I inform IRAS about the change of my clubs’ address?

If there are any changes to the address or office bearers (i.e. the president, treasurer, secretary), the office bearers or any other member of the Management Committee may update the changes on Form P1 or write to [email protected]. 

If your clubs’ address has been updated with the Registry of Societies (ROS), IRAS will be informed about the change in your address.

 9. Upon dissolution, how do I obtain a tax clearance letter from IRAS?

You may request for a tax clearance letter by writing to [email protected] or by mail. You are also required to submit all outstanding returns and accounts (up to the date of dissolution) to IRAS: 

The Comptroller of Income Tax 
Compliance and Small Volume Taxes Branch  
55 Newton Road, Revenue House 
Singapore 307987

Upon finalisation of all outstanding tax matters, the tax clearance letter will be issued to you.

10. Can I provide suggestions to improve the design of the e-filing?

Yes, we welcome your suggestions and feedback, which can be provided in the fields directly after submission, or by writing to us at [email protected].