Change in Company’s Name, Registered Address & Financial Year End

If you change your company’s name, registered address and/or financial year end, the change must be filed with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) via BizFile+.

You do not need to inform IRAS separately of these changes. IRAS updates its records based on the information filed with ACRA on a weekly basis.

Date of changes filed with ACRADate IRAS’ records are updatedExample
Week beginning Sun to the following Sat Fri of the following week For changes filed with ACRA between 8 Jan 2023 (Sun) and 14 Jan 2023 (Sat), IRAS' records will be updated by 20 Jan 2023 (Fri).

Updating IRAS Directly for Urgent Matters

If you are expecting a tax refund or correspondence from IRAS shortly (i.e. within the next 2 weeks from the date of filing the change in particulars with ACRA), you may request for the change in your company's name and/or address to be updated in IRAS' records immediately by sending us an email via myTax Mail with the following information/ documents:

Company Particulars that have been changedInformation/ documents that must be provided to IRAS
  • Company's tax reference number
  • Company's name before the update with ACRA
  • Company's new name that has been updated with ACRA
  • A copy of ACRA's email notification on change in name of your company or a copy of Biz Profile extracted from ACRA
  • Company's tax reference number
  • Company's name
  • Company's new address that has been updated with ACRA

You do not need to submit any supporting documents to IRAS.

Correspondence Address vs. Registered Address

Under the Income Tax Act 1947, for forms and notices sent through the post, IRAS is required to send them to the registered address of the company.

IRAS is unable to send forms and notices to any address that is not your company's registered address based on ACRA's records. This includes correspondence addresses. If you wish to receive the forms and notices at an address other than the current registered address, you must update the said address as the company's registered address with ACRA.

Change in Financial Year End

It is important that you inform ACRA of the change in your company’s financial year end via the Change of Financial Year End digital service at BizFile+. This record is used by IRAS for sending you the Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) filing notification and for income tax assessment purposes.

If your company’s financial statements cover a period of more than 12 months as a result of a change in financial year end, you may have to apportion and attribute the adjusted profit/ losses to 2 different Years of Assessment (YAs). Learn more about preparing a tax computation when there is a change in financial year end.

Change in Company’s Principal Activity

You have to inform the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and IRAS separately when you change your company’s principal activity. If you only file the change with ACRA, it will not be transmitted to IRAS. 

IRAS needs to be informed of the change in your company's business activity (i.e. SSIC Code) as this record may be used for income tax assessment purposes.

  1. Inform ACRA by updating the company's business activity (i.e. SSIC Code) via BizFile+
  2. Inform IRAS by sending an email via myTax Mail with the effective date of change in the company's business activity and a copy of the Business Profile extracted from ACRA's BizFile+

IRAS and ACRA are working together to explore having ACRA transmit the information to IRAS in future as part of our broader collaboration with ACRA to have a common point for obtaining companies' details.

Change in Company’s Tax Agent

Your company must authorise its tax agent in Corppass. In doing so, the tax agent will be able to access IRAS' digital services at your company's myTax Portal account. To perform a one-time authorisation in Corppass, you need:

  • Your Singpass
  • Your company’s Unique Entity Number (UEN)/ Entity ID
  • Tax reference number (e.g. UEN-LOCAL CO, UEN-BUSINESS) of the tax agent firm

Your company may authorise its tax agent as a Preparer or an Approver. If your company is authorising the tax agent as an Approver to submit documents (forms/ returns/ applications/ objections) to IRAS directly, you should assign the tax agent both the 'Preparer' and 'Approver' roles. This allows the tax agent the flexibility to assign its staff with either role in the preparation of your company’s tax submissions.

If your company has authorised its tax agent to access its myTax Portal account via Corppass, it will be deemed to have authorised its tax agent to:

  • Handle your company's Corporate Income Tax matters;
  • Correspond with IRAS on your company's Corporate Income Tax matters through any mode of communication including telephone calls, myTax Mails, emails, hardcopy letters and in-person meetings.

Difference Between Preparer and Approver roles

A Preparer:

  • Can prepare and submit documents (forms/ returns/ applications/ objections) to an Approver
  • Cannot submit documents directly to IRAS
  • Cannot edit or view documents once they are submitted to an Approver

An Approver:

  • Can approve and submit documents prepared by a Preparer to IRAS
  • Can prepare and submit documents directly to IRAS
  • Can edit or view documents prepared by all Preparers and other Approvers within the organisation

Learn more through the Corppass step-by-step guides.

Change in Company’s Share Capital

You do not need to notify IRAS of a reduction in share capital of your company.

Change in Company’s Functional Currency

If your company’s functional currency is not 'Singapore Dollar', you have to update IRAS via the Update Corporate Profile/ Contact Details digital service at

For assistance on updating functional currency, refer to these guides: